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May 12th, 2016

that I will probably not make and my excuses

General Kala – Flash Gordon

Hi I am your new Stepmother

I adore all the costumes in Flash Gordon (1980) . Fetishy, kitschy and OPULENT with a record breaking budget. Whenever I feel like I hate nerds and pop culture in general I watch this and am reborn.


Kala’s outfit is (like many in this movie) incrusted with bugle beads – and it’s not some slip of a mini dress, look at the cossak sleeves on that thing. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy beading in small doses – but I’m weak and solidly beaded fabric like that starts at $300 a yard.

My excuse : MONEY

Captain Phasma – The Star Wars


Another bad bitch. I’m so sorry they threw you in the trash, when you are a TREASURE.

I enjoy making armour, but something with so many pieces, all with the technique, finish and colour is daunting. Cohesion is hard.

(I’m five feet tall, but I am sure no one will notice…shhhh)

Excuse: SLOTH

Howling Banshee – Warhammer 40k


This one has been on my to cosplay list for AEONs (I ended up doing a Farseer instead)

Eldar Farseer- Photo by Chris McCarthy
Eldar Farseer- Photo by Chris McCarthy (2012)

…THEN a Dark Eldar Hekatrix…procrastination


I just love the design so much, I want to do it justice <3


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