Keeping your Pinterest

March 17th, 2016

Okay, I have to admit starting off this blog extolling the virtues of one of the most popular apps on the internet isn’t really an auspicious start …but I love pinterest. It’s like a super organized scrap book but without the bits of tape with hair stuck in them and you can’t accidentally leave them on the bus. My favorite thing about the board is they are so easy to share with collaborators – great for group cosplays so you can keep track of tutorials, inspiring images and references.


Here is one I created as a moodboard for a photoshoot with Little-noise Photography because “80s” VCR is not actually a photography term*


…and here is a another, that I made for my Aion Songweaver cosplay to work out how to work a tutu when I am 1. not a dancer and 2. not eight.

Other boards I have are:

  • A makeup one I refer to when I am stuck the morning of a con and have zero ideas or need a nice step by step tutorial
  • Organising tips I have never looked at again
  • Pretty Lingerie (that costs more than a used car, but it’s fun to look)
  • Tips for difficult fabrics
  • Character designs and concept art from J and K RPGS/MMOS that I will never play, but wow, those costumes!
  • One that just has one clipping of a pot plant



*It should be.

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