My Cosplay + Aid Kit

April 22nd, 2016

Hope for the best, plan for the worst.



This is the little mini-cosplay repair kit that I like to tuck in my bag for cons. Even if you don’t use it, you just might save someone else’s day by sewing them back into their dress.

Let’s look inside…

  1. Needles, one all purpose and a super fine one if I have beading
  2. Strips of Hollywood tape  (also galled garment tap, tit tape etc) these can hold a strap in place, a plastic leaf on, a nip from a slip, hold a ripped hem until you have time to stitch it. Magic.
  3. Bandaids – especially if your shoes are newish
  4. Extra snaps or buttons – clear ones are good because they match everything
  5. Paint Markers- for any paint chips or shoe scuffs. More portable than paint and you can get a wide range of colours at most art shops. Even a black sharpie can do in a pinch
  6. Safety pins…I don’t need to tell you this
  7. Glue/fierce double sided tape. I like super glue because it’s teeny, portable and dries pretty instantly, and the ones with long nozzles cut down on mess.
  8. A bag – a ziplock works well, or a pencil case or a lil makeup bag. Make a dedicated one so it’s always ready for action.
  9. Tiny sharp scissors – for cutting thread, tape, stray wig hairs. (If you are air travelling don’t accidentally leave this in your carry on…I had to mail my scissors home once)
  10. Thread – in the colours of your costume and invisible nylon if you feel splashy.

this is just an example and can be infinitely customised…like if you are rocking up as a Space Marine you will not need a beading needle (…at least not any chapters I am familiar with) so trust your judgement.

Have fun!

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